Strike Mandate Vote – August 28 2014

A message from your Bargaining Team:

We are concluding our fifth day of bargaining with the employer today. Our next scheduled bargaining days are June 24, 25 and 26. This morning, we have advised the employer that we are scheduling a strike vote on August 28. Please see the attached flyer.

This is not to be seen as a reaction to the employer’s initial proposals or an indication that the process has not started well. On the contrary, we have had some good discussions and exchanges to date, and the atmosphere around the table has been respectful and open. However, there are significant issues on both sides, as is normal in any bargaining round, and we as a bargaining unit need to be prepared for any eventuality.

As you well know, a strike vote is part of the normal process of bargaining and is the main tool we have at our disposal to apply pressure for a settlement. Planning a vote now for August 28th has many motivating reasons, not the least of which is to let the membership know what they can expect as the contract expiry date nears. The timing of the vote lets the employer know we are serious about bargaining, we intend to make gains and that we have a timeline in place for resolution. Holding the strike vote a few days before expiry will give us the final push and pressure we need to achieve a settlement by the deadline, or we will be in a position to act as required.


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