New Local Executive for 2022-2023

Dear Local 653 Faculty:

I am honoured to be the new President of OPSEU Local 653, and I look forward to working with our new and returning Local Executive Committee (LEC) members. We are committed to serving, representing, and informing all members of Local 653, and we promise to do our best to ensure that Northern College management adheres to the provisions of our current terms and conditions of employment.

Thank you to all who took the time to attend our General Membership Meeting on May 13th 2022. We had some great discussion with the members around course delivery modes and curriculum development. I encourage all of you to review the submitted reports and minutes which are posted on our website.

Please join me in welcoming your new LEC:

  • Neal McNair: President (New) and Communications Officer (Returning)
  • Warren Schaffer: 1st Vice President ( Returning ) and Secretary ( Returning )
  • Clint Sheehan: 2nd Vice President ( Returning ) and Chief Steward (New)
  • Mike Studd: Treasurer ( Returning )
  • Rebecca De Roos: Chief Steward Associate (New)
  • Marc Veilleux: Steward (New)
  • Shane Storring: Steward (New)
  • Rose-Marie Deacon: Steward (New)
  • Eric Lapajne: Steward (New)

We thank our outgoing LEC members from the 2020 – 2022 term:

  • Tyy Dearden – Past President
  • Kathy Smith – Steward, WMG and RTW (Note: Kathy continued her duties on a purely volunteer basis as a Partial Load faculty member after her retirement in December 2021 – Thank you Kathy for your dedication!)
  • Teena Bates – Steward, UCC, CESC
  • Dave Rogalsky – Steward

Please also note and welcome the following committee members

Union College Committee (UCC)

  • Clint Sheehan – Co-Chair
  • Rose-Marie Deacon
  • Eric Lapajne
  • Mark Veilleux (Observer)
  • Neal McNair – Ex-Officio

Workload Monitoring Group (WMG)

  • Warren Schaffer – Co-Chair
  • Rebecca De Roos
  • Rose-Marie Deacon
  • Eric Lapajne (Observer)
  • Neal McNair – Ex-Officio

College Employment Stability Committee (CESC)

  • Clint Sheehan – Co-Chair
  • Mike Studd
  • Mark Veilleux
  • Rose Marie Deacon (Observer)
  • Neal McNair -Ex-Officio

Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC)

  • Timmins Campus: Jocelyn Vlasscheart (Co-Chair), Shane Storring
  • Kirkland Lake Campus: Richard Kallio (Co-Chair), Jaime Broderick (Alternate)
  • Haileybury Campus: Peter McDonagh (Co-Chair)

Return to Work Committees (RTW)

  • Timmins Campus: Marc Veilleux, Eric Lapajne
  • Kirkland Lake Campus: Mike Studd, Rebecca De Roos
  • Haileybury Campus:  Warren Schaffer

Many of you are starting your vacation period, and we wish you a restful time away from work – please allow yourself to disconnect and recharge.

For those of you working through the summer or returning soon, rest assured that you can always reach your union in confidence at or and expect a prompt response. Don’t be shy – let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Neal McNair
Communications Officer
OSPEU Local 653