Copyright and Intellectual Property

With the sudden move to online delivery, you may have questions about your Intellectual Property (IP) rights over the material you post for your students.

The College generally assumes that they own anything and everything that faculty produce in the teaching of their courses, but this is not actually the case. 

Further, in a situation like our current one where you are moving from an in-person delivery to an online delivery in mid semester, the College will have even less claim over the materials you produce due to the fact that you were not assigned an online course via your SWF.

The document below was prepared by Heather Buffett, a Local 556 (George Brown College) steward and copyright librarian, who is also a member of the provincial EERC subcommittee on IP.

FAQ Copyright and IP

Thank you Heather for putting all this information together!  You can also read Local 556’s article on this topic.


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