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I though it might be good to wrap up week one and start week two with a survey of some of news article that have been published about the strike.

  1. Ontario college strike spotlights ‘new norm’ of precarious labour in academia  — This is an excellent article that examines the issue that is garnering the most public sympathy: the plight of contract workers in both the college and university systems.
  2. International students face uncertainty over Ontario colleges strike — We all know that international students are bringing in huge amounts of money to the Colleges. This is a new source of pressure that will hopefully force the CEC to return to the table and negotiate in earnest.
  3. Ontario College Strike 101 — This article was sent to me by one of our members (Thanks Joan!). While not the most neutral of sources, it is a nice overview of how we got to this point and provides a good introduction to the main issues
  4. Either invest or face more turmoil at Ontario’s colleges and universities — A sympathetic opinion piece from the Toronto Star

There are of course many more out there, but you can all Google as well as I can. Instead I will leave you with a scene from an oldie but goodie Simpson’s episode. Maybe our musically inclined members can take some inspiration and serenade us on the picket lines (Dan Robinson, I’m looking at you….)


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